Types of Platform Lifts Available

Platform lifts are one of the more unheard-of lift designs. In spite of this, the range of platform lifts out there is rather extensive. They come in all shapes and sizes and perform a number of different functions.
Each platform lift has different advantages depending on the environment it needs to be installed in, and the main function it needs to perform.
Here we’re going to break down the options available, so you can make an informed decision on the right lift for you:

Low Speed Lift

These low pit lifts are a mixture of passenger and platform lifts. They are wall mounted, structure supported lifts that have the look and feel of a traditional passenger lift. They include the same doors, cabin and operation of the elevators we’re used to, but they travel at a reduced speed.

Cabin Lifts

These lifts are built within a structure. Passengers travel in a cabin with walls, floor and a ceiling which gives it a more enclosed feeling. The operational control lacks the options a conventional lift has, with the cabin lift being controlled by a single button, one-touch function.

Enclosed Platform Lift

These lifts are in a structure containing a moving platform and control panel that moves up and down inside of the structure. Lift operations are similar to cabin lifts.

Open Platform Lifts

Buildings that require transport of a short length between floors benefit from open platform lifts. These lifts move vertically on a guarded platform from one level to another and can usually be found in shopping centres, museums, or in most public buildings that require wheelchair access between a small number of floors.

Wheelchair Platform Stairlift

Available in this range are the straight rail wheelchair stairlift or the curved rail equivalent. These inclined wheelchair lifts are platform mounted on a rail which follows the contours of the stairs. The lift can be operated by the wheelchair user or a nearby attendant. You typically find these platform lifts in buildings where a passenger or vertical platform lifts cannot be installed.