Understanding the Possible Applications for Your Lift

When choosing a lift for your business it is imperative that you understand what the lifts intended purposes are. Lifts such as table and platform lifts can have more applications than you initially think, including, but not limited to loading and unloading, palletising, machining, transferring between conveyor elevations and maintaining ergonomic work heights.

Before deciding on a lift, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions in order to help aid your selection:

Why Are We Lifting the Product?

It is important to have a clear understanding of the goals of your work project in order to ascertain the right tools for the job.

Sheridan Lifts Blue Glass LiftHow Will the Lift Be Loaded?

Will your lifts be loaded with goods via a forklift or is it being used for passengers? Depending on how goods and users access the lift will change the lift your business needs. If a pallet truck or other floor level loading is required, a ground entry table, or pit-mounted table must be used, which will unfortunately raise costs and complexity due to design requirements.

Is the Lift Used In a Freezer?

If so, special hydraulic fluid may be necessary to avoid damage.

Does the Lift Require Food Grade Considerations?

Food safety and hygiene rules stipulate that stainless steel construction may be necessary as well as special food grade hydraulic fluids. Some pharmaceutical applications also require this.

Will Your Lift Table Be Installed in a Pit?

If this is the case, then additional options such as bellows guarding, toe guards and lifting eyes may be required. The size and depth of the pit also need to be taken into consideration.

Do You Require External Mounting of The Hydraulic System?

If the unit is installed in a hard to reach place such as a pit, then mounting will need to be done externally to allow for lift maintenance companies to easily access the machine workings.