Is There Life On Mars?





This is the MAVEN spacecraft; which was launched this very week and is heading off to explore the Red Planet in more detail. It will take 10 months to reach its intended destination but hopefully we will discover whether there really is life on Mars. It is an incredibly exciting time; as NASA have attempted this mission 20 times already; so we all hope that it is lucky number 21! The existence of aliens is a subject matter which has ...

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Just Good Friends?





The path of true love very rarely runs smoothly and you have to be a rather assertive and self-assured individual if you are to be successful in the romance stakes as the majority of us fall at the very first hurdle when it comes to wooing your intended object of affection. We all have to get along in the workplace as it is so uncomfortable when there is a tense and negative atmosphere. Even the office pest and smarmy lothario ...

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Prepare for Lift-Off!







Virgin Galactic has just unveiled Lady Gaga as being the first artist to sing in outer space; and we think that this is the ideal choice as she is the voice of the future. Her career has already reached stratospheric proportions so this is just another huge string to add to her overflowing bow. Some even believe that she is from another planet; due to her kooky appearance and futuristic outfits; and the meat dress is quite obviously the work ...

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All For One, and One For All







We are all rather selfish creatures as the human race tends to put personal needs before the requirements of other persons. When you travel on public transport the last thing you want to have to do is give up your precious seat to someone less able-bodied than you; even though it is only fair that they should have priority. Instead; you wait until someone else does the honourable gesture of making way for an elderly gentleman or pregnant lady and ...

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Pitch Perfect






It is always a nerve-wracking time when you bump into your boss unexpectedly; especially if you want to discuss contentious subject matters like a pay rise, promotion or a two-week holiday when you have just got back from jetting off to sunny Spain for an extended break. If you accidentally come face-to-face whist travelling in an elevator then there is no escape, as you have to make small talk if you do not want to appear ill-mannered and aloof. It ...

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Get a quote from Sheridan Lifts and it could get you a new car!

By getting a quote from Sheridan Lifts, it could save you £25,000!  Are you constantly dealing with a faulty lift and being fed excuse after excuse as to why the lift isn’t working properly? If this is the case for you, then please be aware, as some of the big lift companies are sending out members of their sales team round with a hefty quote in their pocket.

This is exactly what happened when a lift broke down in a 10 ...

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A Real Struggle







Poor old Kerry Ruston suffers from crippling back and muscle pain, and finds it a chore scaling staircases due to chronic aches and uncomfortable twinges. She is lucky enough to reside in a block of apartments that comes complete with fully working elevator so she can easily get to and from her flat to the front door without encountering problems along the way. Unfortunately, it has transpired that the elevator has been out of use since the 11th October and ...

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The Great Glass Elevator







Imagine if an elevator could take you wherever you wanted to go; be it in the past, present or even the future. Like the Tardis or Bill and Ted’s ‘Most Excellent Time Machine’ the lift featured in the sequel to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’; ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’; has powers beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and can transport passengers to places far away from the real world. Everyone would relish the opportunity to escape from the stresses and ...

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Service Level Agreements with Sheridan Lifts

Sheridan Lifts are pleased to announce an all new approach to Service Level Agreements for our customers.

With our already existing portfolio expanding dramatically, there is no that surprise some of the biggest brands on the market are turning to Sheridan Lifts for all their lift related queries.

Where service level agreements are concerned, it seems as though across the industry our competitors seem to be holding on to what they have got for as long as possible. They do this by ...

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What do Sheridan Lifts, Man United and Man City have in common?

Well they come from Manchester and Lifting is our goal!

 As United and City battle to lift the Premier League title, Sheridan Lifts is at the top of its game lifting passenger numbers in buildings around the UK. The results this year across the UK in securing maintenance agreements have been superb. As with any company, investment is critical and it means all the hard work that has been put in, ultimately pays off in the long ...

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