A Hair-Raising Experience

It’s make or break time. You are running as fast as you can for the bus-which is miraculously early for a change-and seconds count. You have to make a good impression on your first day at work and cannot afford to be late. Everything has been going according to plan so far, so your good fortune cannot last for long. Suit newly ironed, shirt cleanly pressed, shoes so shiny that you can see your perfectly made-up face in them-you look ...

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Sometimes, if we’re lucky, the news will report something that gives us all a little giggle as opposed to the doomy gloomy savageness of our world. This is why when we saw the viral video of a Russian pizza delivery guy helping himself to toppings from a customer’s pizza in a lift, we couldn’t help but let out a raucous laugh.

The gluttonous delivery man was caught on the lift’s CCTV unzipping the bag containing the pie, flipping open the cover ...

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Summer is A ‘Coming Lifts need A ‘Changing!

How many times have you looked at a lift and wondered if it’ll even make it to the next floor? Slow moving doors, rough rides, and a worn exterior that almost makes the stairs look inviting. Vintage objects may be sought after in many industries, but in the lifts business what is ‘vintage’ generally equates to a liability.

A common myth amongst the lift possessors is that a lift service is only required when your lift, well, dies. Or if there’s ...

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Fear not, this is a Strike Free Zone!

If any of you follow the international news, you’ll be aware of the pandemic that is sprawling through Canada as we speak; the lift engineer’s strikes. Although it may not seem like a big deal, because we’re sat quite cushy across the pond, it is a rather disturbing piece of info for people like us here at Sheridan Lifts who are passionate about everything lifts and most of all, your safety!

One of the places that has fallen victim to the ...

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Going Up?

It’s not the most common thing you’d expect to see, a man scaling a 1, 083ft-high Bailong elevator but hey stranger things have happened!

France Native and all round daredevil, Jean-Michel Casanova, recently took 68 minutes and 26 seconds to climb up the mountainous elevator, which is also known as the Hundred Dragons elevator, in Zhangijajie, China. With only his hands and feet to help him (that’s right folks, no harnesses!) Casanova teetered up to the top in what ...

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A Quality Service Guaranteed

As a family run business that has been passed down from generation to generation, we appreciate the value of each of our customers, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with an impeccable, proficient and personal lift service. And since we first opened Sheridan Lifts back in 1979, we have had heaps of practice in the elusive area of customer satisfaction. This is why our lift engineers are at your beckoning call (a service only ...

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Wanna Lift?

Lifts are a pivotal part of your business, although they do not seem overly significant to your day-to-day business they are essentially the hub of your company. Speaking from personal experience whenever a lift breaks down anywhere, generally panic ensues. Little dramatic, right? But that is precisely why it is vital that lifts are regularly serviced.

The challenging part, however, begins when trying to find a lift company that offers its customers a quality service as well as value for their ...

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Sheridan Lifts are proud to offer a range of traction lifts that are amongst the quietest and most energy efficient in the industry.

This is achieved by a patented belt drive system, which eliminates the need for ropes, reduces the chance of slippage, whilst offering a smoother ride quality and less vibration than its rope traction equivalent.

We have successfully provided a number of belt driven passenger lifts to several, well respected and influential lift consultants in the UK market, and the ...

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Sheridan Lifts have had tremendous results with our combined maintenance offer to our existing and new clients. 
Not only are they seeing a considerable price reduction but our new clients are feeling the full benefit of our service management systems that we use with planned and reactive lift maintenance schedules. Over the last few years whilst providing our lift service we were being made aware that the service we were providing was far and beyond ...

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The City was definitely split to become United

After the launch of the 3 day Manchester derby competition we gave you the chance to gain the opportunity of attending the Manchester United versus Manchester City derby held at Old Trafford last Monday. We were overwhelmed with the number of entries in fact we received in excess of three thousand submissions.

The draw was held on Monday at 11am where an intense atmosphere within the Sheridan Lifts head office in Manchester gathered. The draw calculator began ...

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