MEET THE TEAM……. David Plumb

As part of our meet the team series, we took the opportunity to speak to David Plumb – a recent arrival at Sheridan Lifts, having joined the company in December 2012 as Operations Manager.


David, an active golfer, is responsible for the all areas of the after sales operations of the business, having worked in the lift industry for in excess of 30 years.


David has held various management positions within both multi-national and independent companies, and was attracted by the enthusiasm ...

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MEET THE TEAM….. Mark Stapleton

The latest in our meet the team series, sees us talking to Mark Stapleton, our Business Development Manager, who joined Sheridan Lifts in January 2012.

Mark is a road cycling and mountain biking fanatic, and can often be found taking to the hills when he is not in the spatial confines of a lift shaft!

Mark has an extensive track record in the lift industry having worked in the industry for over 25 years – starting lift as an apprentice served lift ...

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MEET THE TEAM……. Daniel Sheridan, Customer Service Director

Continuing our meet the team series, we were today talking with a member of the Sheridan family – Daniel Sheridan, who is employed as Customer Services Director at Sheridan Lifts.

Daniel is no stranger to the company, having worked within Sheridan Lifts, the company that his grandfather formed from the age of 16. During this time, he has held various positions within the business, ranging from being an onsite apprentice, to being a service engineer, minor modernisations, repairs, before moving into ...

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Application:                               Office accommodation

Location:                                     Midlands

Project completion date:   December 2012


Sheridan Lifts received an approach from a reputable Insurance company in the West Midlands in the winter of 2012.

The building had suffered some severe water damage, and as a result rendered the lift unusable.

Having carried out a thorough assessment of the ...

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Meet The Team…Chris Chadwick, New Lift Sales Manager

Meet the team…Chris Chadwick.

As part of our meet the team series, Chris Chadwick, New Lift Sales Manager at Sheridan Lifts joined us to discuss his role at Sheridan Lifts and the reasons behind the company’s recent success.

Chris joined the business in October 2011 having worked in the industry for around 5 years. His background prior to lifts was that of selling automated CNC machinery to the woodworking industry, and he took some time reminisce firstly about his reasons for joining ...

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Social Housing working with Sheridan Lifts

Sheridan Lifts are becoming very successful at winning tenders for the housing groups sector.

When lifts have to be replaced or modernised whilst the buildings are occupied, our expertise is vital to delivering the projects on time and with minimal disruption.

Most care homes are totally dependent on their lift, so when we are working on the lifts careful planning in conjunction with the client is vital to our success. Whilst the lift is removed from service, we will install temporary stair ...

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Meet The Team…Bernard Bergin, Service Sales Director

Meet the team…Bernard Bergin.

As part of our meet the team series, Bernard Bergin, Service Sales Director at Sheridan Lifts took some time out of his schedule to discuss his role and how he sees the company.

Bernard is a recent addition to the management team of Sheridan Lifts having joined the company in November 2012. Bernard, whilst being new to the company, is no stranger to the business having worked in the lift trade for over 37 years.

He started life in ...

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Sheridan Lifts go to the next level

This year has seen sales for all of our departments exceed all our targets and expectations, as the economy is flat with a difficult year ahead predicted, customers are looking for the very best value for money for every pound they spend whilst maintaining the high standards expected from a lift company.

Whilst using the very best equipment, Sheridan Lifts procurement policy is to search for new supply lines both at home and across the globe. This keeps us at the ...

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Meet the Team, Nick Beetson, New Lift Sales Consultant

Meet the team…….Nick Beetson.

As part of our meet the team series, we took the time to interview Nick Beetson, who is celebrating his first anniversary in the job role of New Lift Sales Consultant, having joined the business in February 2012.

Nick is a father of one, with the pitter-patter of tiny feet set to echo through the Beetson household with the arrival of his second child due in May 2013.

Nick joined the company having previously being employed in a customer ...

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Chronicles of Sheridan

The team here at Sheridan Lifts thought we would dedicate today’s blog to the brushing up a little of the history behind lifts. After all, if there was no such thing as a lift there would be no Sheridan Lifts Ltd.

The very first recorded report of a lift was cited back in1st century BC by a Roman architect and engineer named Marcus Vitruvius Polio. His account narrated that Archimedes built a lift somewhere around the time of 236 BC. At ...

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