Behind the scenes of Shop Direct – One of the biggest brand department stores


Published on: 27-11-2017



Littlewoods is one of the big names resounding with your upbringing. That’s because they have been 80 years in the business! It comes as no surprise that they are among the best in brand retail!

Today, Littlewoods are still taking brand retail by storm! This cyber Monday – brands such as Nike, Adidas, Apple, Vivienne Westwood, Dyson to name a few are flying off the shelves in a price slashing frenzy!


Since 2009 Very have gone from strength to strength with their impressive celebrity endorsements and some of the best brands deals around!

Remember those old stores Isme and Woolworths? Very now takes care of those too! Shop Direct’s successes speak volumes and evidently they are an innovative company who know how to change with the times! Managing online accounts from old retailers, Very run a tight ship to make sure they are always reliable –and ALWAYS looking after their customers.

online shopping
Most of’s market is online retail

Shop Direct

That’s why we love working with Shop Direct! Shop Direct is the mothership of these amazing retailers (and their branches (LittlewoodsIreland and VeryExclusive) Shop Direct run a tight ship and so do we!

Sheridan Lifts provide a one hour response for all breakdowns for the last two weeks of November at the main Shop Direct site in Shaw. This service including business hours and out of hours, arriving within around twenty minutes so they never miss a trick!

At Shaw we do all of the big goods lifts that serve production. We have also carried out extensive lift modernisations on a number of their lifts!

That means over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and during the run up the Christmas we can help Shop Direct to make sure their quality products are bang on time!

You can read about a recent job we carried out for Shop Direct where we replaced a large goods lift for them.

Reliable Lift Maintenance

Sheridan Lifts are no stranger to responsibility. We are a reliable lift company who you can count on to step-up in your time of need. During busy periods we are available for call outs on lift repair and sought-after lift maintenance.

We understand that December is a crucial time for businesses and all operations must run smoothly. If you would like to enquire about lifts and lift services please contact our team today!


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