Energy saving lifts, saving the world in one process

What is so important about energy saving lifts? You may not fully understand the benefits that come with upgrading your current lift system to a newer eco lift. Here at Sheridan Lifts, we are pleased to be in a position to offer our customer’s the latest in lift solutions. Read on below for more information.

Being able to save money is a great boon to any business and they often try and find savings any way they can, without compromising the service ...

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Lift Modernisation

We’re sure you’re familiar with lift modernisation, but we’d like to take this opportunity to fully explain why lift modernisation or lift refurbishment is worthwhile and often vital.

Some people make the mistake of thinking they must completely replace a lift in its entirety. This can be extremely time-consuming and therefore costly; the worst part about it is that it’s usually entirely avoidable. Just because a lift is old, doesn’t mean the whole installation needs replacing. Often lift modernisation will do.

There ...

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New year, New lift – Lift Upgrades

The importance of lift upgrades should never be over looked. As we enter 2016, it may be time to make a few changes to that old tired lift.

We’re sure you’ve all seen the Facebook statuses, tweets and Instagram posts from people vowing that the beginning of the New Year will usher in a “new” them – you may have even committed to something similar yourself. At the start of every year, it’s a common occurrence for people to take a ...

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Lift Refurbishment

It’s a part of life that things break, whether it’s due to an accident or just general wear, tear and use. We’re accustomed to things such as cars, ovens, vacuum cleaners or phones breaking, but we seem to bridle at the thought of things like lifts breaking or needing an upgrade.

Lift refurbishment is a huge part of any lift’s lifespan. But how can you tell whether your lift is in need of refurbishment? Well there are some fairly obvious ones ...

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Lift Structures from Sheridan Lifts

Here at Sheridan Lifts, we design structural steel frames for all our new lifts which enables us to make substantial financial savings by foregoing a masonry lift shaft, even in existing structures. Our steel lift structures are extremely versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors to provide support in all environments.

Sheridan Lifts also provide self-bearing metal lift structures made from bent sheet metal standards. Usually, these would need to be welded which requires a hot work permit. This ...

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A Touch of Class – Car Lifts

What makes a building stand out?

The architecture? How modern it is? How old it is?

One thing we know for sure – any building with a car lift is always an impressive sight to behold!

Car lifts are becoming increasingly more popular for new and upgraded buildings. Having a car lift exudes sophistication and leaves a lasting impression, but the benefits to car lifts don’t just end with aesthetics.

Car lifts are extremely beneficial, particularly for those who live in a place where ...

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Add Status To Your Building with Car Lifts

Car Lifts

The popularity of car lifts is steadily and surely on the rise. In our close to forty years as a lift company the impressive installation of a car lift is more key than ever to adding status to your building. Car lifts are a spectacular feature – adding the wow-factor to modern apartments and commercial buildings.

Multi-storey buildings that are common in bustling, metropolitan cities are almost a defining feature of the western world. That’s why more more great buildings ...

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Lifts Changing Lives – Platform Lift Installation

Small Lift – Big Difference

Sometimes a lift installation is a must. At Sheridan Lifts we are always on hand to assist with any installation required, from platform lift installation to wheelchair access lifts and everything in between.

Give a Kid a Lift

We were looking through the news searching for any industry related topics to write about in this week’s blog when we stumbled across such an inspiring and heart-warming story. In the U.S, ...

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Are We on the Same Level?

Platform Lifts

Being wheelchair accessible is a must for buildings, unless they are Grade listed or another reason. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your building has adequate access for all is through platform lifts.

What’s so great about platform lifts is that you can install them in an existing building with relative ease. Unlike other kinds of lift installations, platform lifts do not mean major amendments and changes to your building; requiring only minimal disruption.

When you choose Sheridan Lifts ...

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Trusted Lift Repair

It may not be something we think about often, but lifts are a vital part of our social infrastructure. More than 13.3 million people in UK alone depend on working passenger lifts for their freedom. If you aren’t so able bodied or are heading into your twilight years, access to a working lift is essential for mobility.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for people with limited mobility or the elderly to reside in ...

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