A Real Struggle







Poor old Kerry Ruston suffers from crippling back and muscle pain, and finds it a chore scaling staircases due to chronic aches and uncomfortable twinges. She is lucky enough to reside in a block of apartments that comes complete with fully working elevator so she can easily get to and from her flat to the front door without encountering problems along the way. Unfortunately, it has transpired that the elevator has been out of use since the 11th October and ...

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The Great Glass Elevator







Imagine if an elevator could take you wherever you wanted to go; be it in the past, present or even the future. Like the Tardis or Bill and Ted’s ‘Most Excellent Time Machine’ the lift featured in the sequel to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’; ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’; has powers beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and can transport passengers to places far away from the real world. Everyone would relish the opportunity to escape from the stresses and ...

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Service Level Agreements with Sheridan Lifts

Sheridan Lifts are pleased to announce an all new approach to Service Level Agreements for our customers.

With our already existing portfolio expanding dramatically, there is no that surprise some of the biggest brands on the market are turning to Sheridan Lifts for all their lift related queries.

Where service level agreements are concerned, it seems as though across the industry our competitors seem to be holding on to what they have got for as long as possible. They do this by ...

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What do Sheridan Lifts, Man United and Man City have in common?

Well they come from Manchester and Lifting is our goal!

 As United and City battle to lift the Premier League title, Sheridan Lifts is at the top of its game lifting passenger numbers in buildings around the UK. The results this year across the UK in securing maintenance agreements have been superb. As with any company, investment is critical and it means all the hard work that has been put in, ultimately pays off in the long ...

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What a Let-Down

The residents of Wimborne House on Marine Parade in Dovercourt have become prisoners in their own home as the elevator has been out of use for the past 4 weeks. Obviously those who rely on wheelchairs to get around easily cannot scale numerous flights of stairs without encountering problems along the way and having to ask for assistance so this comes as a real nuisance. People who live in the building do not know when this situation is going to ...

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Lifting the Nation’s Spirits






A 2-0 result against Poland (who incidentally had already been knocked out of the competition) may not seem all that exciting but it meant that the country has now started to feel more confident about next year’s World Cup tournament. We are all aware that Joe Hart has floundered of late and that Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard are getting on a bit but still we remain stoic and focused. Young talent has risen up the ranks and ...

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New lift installations across the UK


Sheridan Lifts are delighted to announce the new range of lifts for 2014. The new lift designs have seen a record number of orders being confirmed.

Sales Manager Nick Beetson says, “Most lift interiors have been to a very similar standard over the years, but we believe that the options we can provide give our clients the facility to reflect the correct image for the individual types of building.”

Most lift companies will only provide you with a limited choice and we ...

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Sheridan Lifts new Payment plans for lift Modernisations


Lift modernisation over the last 5 years on a whole has been at the sharp end of the austerity measures on building upgrades. Most maintenance budgets have been under pressure to cut back on expenditure.

Cutting out the waste in any responsible firm is critical, but how far is too far? We had a client who came to us because there lift was breaking down and the costs of maintaining the lift was increasing each month. The lift was dated and ...

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Costing a Fortune






This little church in Springfield, America, has suffered the unfortunate consequences of having to fork out a fortune for having the privilege of a 4ft elevator installed for wheelchair users. Costs have skyrocketed by a massive 2000%; which is quite astonishing as they need to ensure that those impaired by disabilities can travel to and from the building with ease and do not want to discriminate on grounds of physical deficiency. Lift maintenance is integral for this local parish as ...

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It Can Happen to Anyone








This poor guy is the unfortunate Nick White, who was trapped in a lift for nearly two whole days. He lost his confidence and self-belief when he was left without food and water for a total of 41 hours and his life ultimately changed from there on in. Once an outgoing, extroverted individual; this gentleman transformed into a shy, retiring man who could not work for years after his traumatic ordeal. All he had done was go for a quick ...

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